Buying process:
people pls read and try to understand tis b4 u purchase any of our item!
1.First come first basis.

2.SMS the item code or the item(s)you wish to purchase to 0129273636 OR 0126401351 with your
b.hp no.

or email us at /

3.Kindly wait for your reply via sms or email.

4.Once the availability of the item is confirmed, pls make ur paymeny to Ms Sarina
(Within 3days of confirmation)pls take note!
- Maybank 1621430491

Pls make sure u gives us d correct info.
Once payment has been made pls notify us =)

5.Feel free to drop us a sms/email once u received ur item.

6.Postage will be only be done on friday and after payment is made of couse!
Postage Pos Laju
West M'sia : RM6
East M;sia : RM8
Additional RM2 for additional item
Pos Express is only for less than 500g : RM4

7. We'll not be responsible for lost or damages durig delivery.

8. Goods sold are non-returnable.

9. Any question??? Just bring it to our "Cakap-cakap"room
column or mail us at


Friday, February 13, 2009

purplishish fashionista~~

code:purplishish fashionista

purple is back
nice shirt ade grip kt bottom n most important!!
ade diamond on shirt~~
sgtla chantek
size : s n m

xoxo gurlish~~

code: xoxo black

we cant separate black white n grey~~
its so cute n gurlish
bottom part ade grip so sgtla chomey ble d pkai
its a perfecto combination!!
grab dis shirt =p
size : s , m
rm 45

barbie paradise~~

code: barbie paradise
(sold to nisa =p)

such a cute bju!!
its just rm 49

marshmellow cardigan~~

code: marshmellow

cardigan fans~~
marshmellow turns out to cardigan =p
knitted cardigan(material fom KOREA)
com n grab tis!!
size: s ,m
it jz rm50~~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


hola everyone!
sory for d late updates =)
but we're promise u we'l be updating more of new stuff! *wink*
nway we were sory dat we have to announce no more orders fer cutey pouch about two weeks =0
we're really am sory fer our really really bz weeks=/
but no worries new design coming up!
n there will be a lot mre more stuff coming up!

Friday, January 30, 2009

happy weekends!


new stuff coming up!
lotsa pouch and lotsa cute tees!
and of course new design=)
fer guys out der we absolutely have sumting fer u!
wait fer us!
we'll definitely wont let u down!
happy chinese new year everyone!

Monday, January 26, 2009

bAJU CHantek

code : syg green bj

code: syg orange bj


peeps!!home made tee over here^_^
and totally adorable!

2 colours only;

orange n green
size s

rm25 ^-^(a piece)
it is negotioble ..